Business Services

APA International Business Services

Payroll Support

Processing payrolls for temporary and contract hires can be complex and time consuming.

APA payroll services include:

  • Federal, State, and local tax compliance requirements, including preparation of 1099’s
  • Streamlined processing, including direct deposit
  • Employment Eligibility Verification, in accordance with Department of Homeland Security guidelines
  • Cost efficient and cost effective  calculation and deduction of Unemployment, Disability, and Workmen’s Comp
  • Background checking
  • Drug screening

Once you calculate the hours your company currently spends on payroll-related activities, you may be surprised at how affordable outsourcing can be to your bottom line. Using our innovative Timesheet Online System, we’ll help you streamline payroll every week with accurate, speedy, and simple payroll process. Let us eliminate hassles of payroll management for you.

Translation/Interpretation Services

Our language specialists can provide translation services and interpretations services for documents, depositions, meetings, and websites. Some of our services include:

  • Legal and Financial document translation
  • Company manual and quality assurance translation
  • Website translation for reaching overseas markets
  • Proofreading and reviewing translated materials
  • Compliance document translation
  • Interpretations for live meetings

We also provide Bilingual interpreters for legal proceedings.

Need a translator or interpreter?  Contact us at  212-490-3798 and we will expedite the request.

We can provide efficient offsite translation/interpretation services via online and conference calls.

Legal Transcription

Our legal transcription services include transcriptions of:

  • Deposition summaries
  • Interviews and meeting
  • Teleconferences
  • Arbitrations

We guarantee complete confidentiality and expedited results.

Visa Support

US law requires different visas based on situations. APA can assist in reducing the complexity of helping your bilingual employees with visa information.

You can be assured that our language specialists are screened for professionalism and competence.

Our team is knowledgeable in assisting  candidates with various visa situations including OPT employment.

We can also assist you with questions about extending visas for  employees or potential hires for your company.

As with all of our services, we consider client confidentiality to be of the utmost importance. For over 30 years, APA International has maintained our client’s trust in our integrity and reliability.